Discover and Purchase Community Membership


Magnets are your membership passes.

Owning a Magnet entitles you to the benefits of belonging to a community.

Participate and Receive Benefits


Mementos are your benefits.

Receiving a Memento enables you to activate a provided benefit.

Manage and Showcase Your Affinity


Your Fridge is your profile.

Engage with your memberships and manage your benefits on your Fridge.

GetCharged Up


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have any coding experience or blockchain knowledge to start using MAGNETIQ?
How do I manage a program on MAGNETIQ?
Is MAGNETIQ a replacement for my existing loyalty, influencer, or referral program?
How will MAGNETIQ work with my existing platforms?
Does MAGNETIQ provide any additional support?
What payment methods are accepted on MAGNETIQ?
What is the environmental impact of using MAGNETIQ?

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