Skip the Community Lip Service;
Start Co-Creating Culture

MAGNETIQ powers multi-dimensional experiences for you and your superfans.

"Empowered customers will move heaven and earth to ensure your success, happily attracting others to the tribe with their magnetic sense of commitment." 
- Marty Neumeier, author of The Brand Flip

Cultivate Your Champions

Convert your most avid consumers into repeat buyers through exclusive programming & unique perks.

Unlock Their Desires

Give your champions the opportunity to provide feedback you can trust, helping improve your brand's impact.

Motivate to Action

Provide incentives to share their experiences. Embedded analytics show where and how to expand your reach.



Create a

Bring your creativity, and we'll do the rest. Launch a community program on MAGNETIQ within minutes. It's as easy as creating a social media post!


Manage with Ease

Our tooling empowers you to activate your consumer, all in one place and without the hassle.


Act on Results

Take advantage of peerless insights to grow with your consumer and learn what makes them tick. See your conversion in real time!


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"Partnering with MAGNETIQ provided us with a unique opportunity to feature our world celebrated artist and partners. It helped us identify and stay engaged with our community well past the event.”

Arthur Mandel
Founder, Nolcha Shows

"In our quest to integrate blockchain technology and NFTs into our customer experience, we turned to MAGNETIQ... the integration needed to be seamless which is why we partnered... they share this vision."

Andre Ramsay
CEO and Founder, CoinCoffee

“Launching Queer Candle Club with MAGNETIQ has been a great experience for our brand. We had the opportunity to bring already loyal customers into our scent development process and find new candle fans to try out our products..."

Ab Gibson
Co-founder, Queer Candle Co.
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Is MAGNETIQ a replacement for my existing loyalty, influencer, or referral program?

MAGNETIQ complements existing marketing strategies. We equip brands with tools to form authentic bonds and personalized experiences.

How will MAGNETIQ work with my existing platforms?

MAGNETIQ provides unique branded experience for each campaign. We have the capability to integrate with other platforms such (CRMs, Shopify, Klayvio). For larger engagements, we can create custom integrations . Contact us to learn more.

Does MAGNETIQ provide any additional campaign support?

The MAGNETIQ team can provide help to brands launching campaigns through our creative partnerships and operational execution.

How do I manage a campaign on MAGNETIQ?

Managing a campaign on MAGNETIQ is simple and straightforward. All tooling has templates with built in customization options. One person can create, manage, and analyze all aspects of a campaign from start to finish.

What payment methods are accepted on MAGNETIQ?

MAGNETIQ uses Stripe allowing for enterprise grade payment processing. Stripe allows for a variety of payments and an easy facilitation of remittance. Find out more about them here.

What is the environmental impact of using MAGNETIQ?

MAGNETIQ sits on Flow , one of the most energy efficient blockchains. Creating a digital asset on Flow requires less energy than an Instagram post. Learn more about the Flow blockchain and its sustainability.