CoinCoffee Case Study

CoinCoffee supercharges its community and enhances customer experience with MAGNETIQ.


Engagement Rate


Increase in Promotional Sales with Zero Ad Spend


Integration with Existing Business Process

“In our quest to integrate blockchain technology and NFTs into our customer experience, we turned to MAGNETIQ... the integration needed to be seamless which is why we partnered... they share this vision"

- Andre Ramsey, CEO


CoinCoffee Empowers Creators, Nurtures Growers, and Unites Communities. With every sip of their award-winning specialty coffees, consumers champion creators, empower growers, and foster a community of belonging and deep human connections. CoinCoffee collaborates with emerging arts to showcase their art on their bags of coffee and create an interactive consumer experience.

Business Challenge

CoinCoffee has committed to a strategy of community-led growth, but lacked the tools to curate community and implement engagement strategies to nurture it. As a growing company, CoinCoffee had done a couple of early co-branding of their coffee, but needed to take things to the next level. This is how their Art and Coffee initiative was born.

They launched the first season, where they partnered with artists to sell their premium coffee. As part of their purchase, buyers had the opportunity to get dropped a piece of the artist's digital artwork. However, the process was highly manual and cost intensive for the CoinCoffee team and was limited to just providing a collectible to customers.


CoinCoffee recognized they needed a more sustainable solution to running the Art and Coffee programs as they scaled. This is where they turned to MAGNETIQ to run their entire post purchase community process. Not only was MAGNETIQ an interactive home for their customers, but there was no extra cost to issue the digital art.

CoinCoffee was able to integrate with their Shopify store to ensure that only paying customers could opt into the artist programs. CoinCoffee leveraged MAGNETIQ's engagement tools to provide exclusive content, interactively tell the artists story, and run promotions exclusively for those who had purchased certain artist's coffee.

CoinCoffee was able to streamline the operational and now could spend more time on figuring out and executing on the next creative activation for their brand.


Activity for the artist programs saw a whopping 45% engagement rate across all activations, including video and sharing content to socials by the participants. On top of it, CoinCoffee was able to seamlessly run a promotion on social media while MAGNETIQ's powerful audience analytics helped them quickly identify customer eligibility.

CoinCoffee used MAGNETIQ for its second season of Art & Coffee and saw a whopping 100% increase in revenue season over season. This was achieved with zero ad spend. MAGNETIQ's engagement tooling gave CoinCoffee the confidence to unleash their creativity and roll out promotion after promotion to its audience. This increased engagement increased sales well past the initial announcement and launch.

CoinCoffee will continue to use MAGNETIQ for its future seasons of Art and Coffee and will be leveraging it as a place to continue to collect customers and grow their community.

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