MAGNETIQ for Entertainment

Take Your Audience on a Journey

Your consumers want to feel like they're part of the action, not merely a spectator. Digital experiences powered by MAGNETIQ offer you the opportunity to create a multidimensional, immersive experience.

All In One Place

Whether its sending exclusive content, delivering a promotion or organizing meet-ups and events, MAGNETIQ has everything you need to facilitate the experience.

Easy To Use and Manage

Bring your creativity to life without the hassle. Setting up a program on MAGNETIQ can be done in minutes. Create engaging activations in the time it takes to make an Instagram post.

Built-in Payment Solution

Diversify your income streams and create a deeper connection with your audience. MAGNETIQ facilitates direct payments, enabling you to bring the best of your brand.

Unleash Your Creativity

Choose Your Experience
You'll have the ability to create different programs that can be time-based, focused on specific benefits, or simply a place for fans to engage.

Learn About Your Audience
Understand what your biggest fans care about and the interactions they love. MAGNETIQ's analytics give you access to enhanced insights.

Find Your Next Collab
Consumer brands are also building on MAGNETIQ, opening up unique, cross-collaboration opportunities.

Reward Your Fans,
Your Way

Offer Free and Paid Programs

Provide access to your content, gift merchandise, and offer other perks to your fans.

Gamify and Incentivize

Increase engagement and mobilize your audience by incentivizing participation for exclusive benefits.

Directly Interact

Leverage our polling and social prompting features to cultivate direct feedback and action.

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