MAGNETIQ: All Charged Up!

October 26, 2022

The brand-consumer relationship is at a crossroads. On the verge of fracture, timing and technology are perfectly positioned to revolutionize this connection. That’s where we come in. 


At MAGNETIQ, we’re pioneering a new membership model; redefining what it means for brands and consumers to interact with one another. Our platform enables the creation, purchase, and activation of digital memberships by combining a familiar online experience with powerful web3 back-end infrastructure. The result? We’re bridging the gap between what brands need from consumers, and what consumers desire from brands: win-win.

Back up; explain?

It's never been more difficult for brands to connect with their highest value consumers - it's estimated about 40% of digital media spend was ineffective in Q1 and Q2 of 2022. Further, actually engaging with those brand champions can be costly, unimaginative, and frankly, ineffective. Loyalty programs are a common strategy, however with no real boundaries or shared incentives, these programs fail to elicit key emotions consumers need to stay loyal: a sense of belonging, a sense of importance, a sense of pride.

At the same time, 81% of consumers report they would like a closer relationship to their favorite brands. Paired with a general distaste for being “sold” to, consumers would appreciate an opt-in platform where they can also access a new level of status with the brands they love.

Why We're Here

Creating deep connections with high value consumers is no longer simply “a nice to have.” Major changes in the broader landscape have made it a requirement that brands develop these relationships, as legacy strategies are being legislated out of relevance. The emergence of laws making it more difficult to collect consumer data without consent, as well as decisions by large corporations to begin phasing out cookies, have made first-party data (gathered directly from the consumer) increasingly important. First-party data, generally more difficult to collect than third-party data, has become even harder to obtain as consumers understand the value of their information. However, 82% of consumers reported a willingness to share certain information in exchange for better experiences.

So, brands need meaningful relationships with high-value consumers, and consumers want special connections with their favorite brands. Why has this been so difficult to accomplish? It makes more sense when you consider that there has never before been an ecosystem that fulfills the needs and wants of both sides of the brand-consumer relationship simultaneously. MAGNETIQ provides a strong foundation to facilitate this exchange of mutual benefit.

Build With Us

Meet Kaylan Sliney, our ex-lawyer, repeat founder, and execution-obsessed Chief Executive Officer; Tyler Stambaugh, our ex-consultant, former Twitch-streamer, and process-obsessed Chief Operating Officer; Matt Sherman, our ex-Goldman, web3-native, and market insights-obsessed Chief Strategy Officer; and our (also) ex-Goldman, former Entrepreneur-in-Residence, and product-obsessed Head of Engineering.

We’re a team of brand enthusiasts with extensive history as investors, creators, and operators, and have spent the last few years deep in the web3 space. Our team has been a part of a number of exciting endeavors, perhaps most notably Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory, an NFT project by world-famous artist Tom Sachs (August 2021).

Our respective histories have provided each of us with unique insights that collectively forge a clear vision of the future. We're thrilled you're here, and would love to talk to you more about what makes us so 'charged up' about building MAGNETIQ. If you're interested in learning more or discussing partnership opportunities, please reach out to