Unveiling: Alpha Launch

March 27, 2023

After a full year of building, we are ready to open up MAGNETIQ to the world!

We’re thrilled to announce that on Wednesday, March 29th, MAGNETIQ will be launching a small Alpha program. The goal of this Alpha program is to test our infrastructure and compile initial user feedback ahead of our Closed Beta in early April (announcement coming soon). Our Closed Beta will include our first brand offerings, and will coincide with NFT.NYC.

As part of our Alpha program, you will get to experience a sample program that showcases our initial functionality:

  • Early Username Access: claim your MAGNETIQ username (grab your favorite handle before anyone else!);
  • Alpha Pass Magnet: receive an Alpha Pass Magnet that unlocks participation in the program and acknowledges your early support (cementing you in the MAGNETIQ Hall of Fame);
  • Airdropped Content: receive a surprise Memento to celebrate the launch of MAGNETIQ and memorializing your participation in the Alpha program;
  • Free Merchandise: claim a free MAGNETIQ magnet as a ‘thank you’ from our team; and
  • Polling & Feedback: take the opportunity to shape the future of MAGNETIQ by responding to a series of questions related to the platform and your experience.

MAGNETIQ is built with our users in mind, so gathering your input as part of our Alpha program is a critical step early in the journey. 

To participate, please sign up on our website before the program begins on Wednesday, March 29. This will allow you to sign up and access the platform, and simply requires the following:

1. Enter your email and choose a password.

Note #1: make sure that the email you enter is the same email you used to sign up for Alpha. A different email will not be accepted (as it will not be recognized on the allowlist backend).

Note #2: if you already have a Dapper Wallet account from another Dapper Wallet-enabled platform (NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day, UFC Strike, etc.), then you can simply sign-in with the same login credentials.

Sign up with your email and password

2. Enter information to create your personal profile.

Note: The only required items are your account email and a username. Dapper automatically provides you with a username when you create an account, but feel free to change this username to something you’d like to display on MAGNETIQ.

Enter your information

3. Once logged in, you will be prompted to complete our “How-To” Experience, which takes you on a quick tour of the platform, familiarizing you with MAGNETIQ’s terminology (Magnets, Mementos, Fridges). 

4. After conducting the walkthrough, you will be delivered the “Alpha Pass” to your Fridge.  Throughout the week, we’ll be testing out activations for you to interact with.

See your Alpha Pass on your Fridge

If you have any questions or issues, please reach out to hello@magnetiq.xyz.  

Stay Charged,