Ready Set Mo Case Study

RSM brings their fitness classes to the masses and revolutionizes their engagement strategy.

> 80%

Engagement Rate


Revenue Earned from Platform Sales


Content and Benefit Facilitation

“It had been so long since I had recorded one of my private fitness classes. In the past, it was such a headache to coordinate, collect payment, and gather data from my students. MAGNETIQ helped make the entire process so easy and gave me renewed confidence in my ability to share the gift of fitness with others!"

- Monique Berarducci, Founder

Ready Set Mo

RSM started as a small group of humans on a high school track who wanted to change the way they worked out; change their perspective by challenging what they put into their trainings. From there, Ready Set Mo (RSM) was born. Their mission as a fitness community is to create a motivational environment to help anyone grow into a better mentally, physically, and emotionally stronger, more confident version of the person they are manifesting.

Business Challenge

Monique Berarducci created the Ready Set Mo community to empower people to better themselves. She had been running fitness programs through Instagram chat rooms and in manual spreadsheets, collecting information from clients and transcribing it. Operationally, executing on her workout programs became burdensome and she wasn't conducting them as frequently.

As an individual creator, she needed to find something that could help her streamline her offering and connect with her community at scale, as well as handle the payments and other operational roadblocks.


Monique discovered MAGNETIQ, and in doing so, found a new way to market and sell her fitness courses with a fraction of the effort. MAGNETIQ had all of the tools Monique needed. From being able to establish an offer page, to streamlined Stripe payments, all the way to facilitating her content, she was able to launch her digital fitness program just in time for the holidays.

The ability to schedule gated content only for paying customers on a regular cadence was a game changer. Monique was able to record all of the videos and release them on a cadence. She was able to leverage MAGNETIQ's survey tool to test whether or not her customers participated in the workouts. Those who replied correctly on 12 of the 15 days were gifted a piece of RSM merchandise.


RSM's holiday program saw a stunning 80% engagement rate over the life of the program. Her customers were regularly coming to the platform to conduct the workouts and participate in the accountability surveys.

Monique also earned over $4,000 from her program over a 5 day period while the program was being marketed. Not only was she being directly compensated for her work, which flowed direct to her bank account through MAGNETIQ, but she was doing so while providing an interactive experience for her customers.

Most importantly, MAGNETIQ gave her the confidence to get back out there and start teaching and empowering people to better themselves. The automated nature of MAGNETIQ made it so easy for Monique, she was able to focus on the parts of the business she loved most, the training and classes, and let MAGNETIQ handle the rest.

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